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Q. What is the quality of stone ?

Ans. The quality is really good and will stand high if compared with others and every Birthstone Ring or Gemtone comes with international gemmological institute and testing laboratory certificate to prove its originality.

Q. In which Metal Are these Birthstone Ring mounted ?

Ans: It contains 5 metals which includes Gold, silver, copper, kdm and brass. These metals can be worn by anyone without any negative effect.

Q. Is Puja done in a person's name effective?

Ans. Hinduism accepts and encourages pujas done on a person's behalf. Pujas done on behalf of family members and loved ones in temples, wherein the priest does the puja for the person even if he/she is not present. As puja usually follows a certain sequence of predestined steps people prefer letting a priest perform the puja on their behalf, as a priest is well versed in the process and is a well known authority on the subject. Puja done correctly on someone behalf will get just as much benefits to a worshiper as a puja done by the worshiper in person. This is as good as your visiting these temples personally without traveling expenses. The spirit, the seriousness and 
gravity of doing puja are ritualistically followed by us, offering you the benefits of the puja without having to make the special effort.

Q. How do you perform Puja ?

Ans. : After receiving your Puja order which contains your name, date of birth, Gotra, Star, purpose of Puja and lastly your choice of temple, we send our own man to the temple of your choice to offer Puja. If it is a general Puja not within a temple then we arrange for that. In case of Homa puja we go to the temple for arranging or organizing the Homa along with Puja.

Q. I placed order for puja. What is the next step?

Ans. Just wait 24hrs to get E-mail from temple Manager (Pandit). They will guide you everything in the puja which date, what time and what details they required for puja and what restrictions you need to follow on that puja day.

Q. Why different astrologers telling different predictions and different remedies?

Ans. This is depends on the which method of astrology following and depends on the experience of astrologer. There are numerous types of remedies available but we only tell best yielding remedies after cautiously measured.

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