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Gem Stones

All the Gemstones are not suitable for wearer, in the same manner as we do not drink all sorts of water like from the ocean, instead we only drink fresh water which is suitable to our internal system. Vedic Gemstones are not ornamental but remedial.
Please note that Vedic Gemstones are also known as Astrological Gemstones, Birth Stones, Healing Gemstones, Jyotish Gemstones, Holistic Gems, Planetary Gems.




Type of Gem Stones

Ruby / Manik  

Ruby (Manik) is very attractive gemstone due to its brightness, luster and brilliance. It is crystal clear and transparent. It is fond in different shades of red and violet color. The finest quality Manik gemstone has a delicate rose color. Ruby is very effective for people of Leo Sigh. It increases strength and encouragement. It is also helps to prevent many diseases such as heart diseases, cardiac thrombosis, eye inflammation, heated & bilious constitution, low or high blood pressure, hemorrhage, eruption of the face, typhoid, polypus, sunstroke, headaches, etc.



General Properties of Ruby (Manik)

Ruling Planet – Sun
Cosmic Color – Red
Zodiac – Leo
Element – Fire
Time – Sunrise
Day – Sunday
Metal – Gold and Asht Dhatu

Finger to wear on - Ring Finger (Right Hand)

Pearl / Moti  

Pearl is one of the most precious gemstones. Formation of peal happens inside an oyster because of the presence of foreign material inside the body of the oyster. The finest pearl has no foreign matter in its core. It is milky white and with eye-catching luster. There are nine pearls called Nava Moti. Nava Moti includes Oyster Pearl, Sky Pearl, Bamboo Pearl, Conch Pearl, Hog Pearl, Cobra Pearl, Elephant Pearl, Fish Pearl, and Whale Pearl. Wearing a right Moti helps people in significant way such as good fortune, fame, prosperity, balanced emotional life, good memory, controlled emotion, etc. It also cured depression. It is highly effective for people of Cancer Sign.

General Properties of Pearl (Moti)

Ruling Planet – Moon
Cosmic Color – White
Zodiac – Cancer
Element – Water
Time – Sunrise
Day – Monday
Metal – Silver

Finger to wear on - Little Finger (Right Hand)

Coral / Moonga  

Coral is a gemstone found in cherry red color. It is very effective for people of Aries or Scorpio Signs. It enhances the courage in its wearer. It helps people get their ambition fast. It provides physical and mental strength to wearers. It is known for providing great energy and motivation. It also helps people to get their jobs especially in mechanical and technical fields. It is sign of courage, charisma and leadership. It also helps people to get rid of many diseases. It also helps in curing blood related diseases.

General Properties of Coral (Moonga)

Ruling Planet – Mars
Cosmic Color – Blood Red
Zodiac – Aries, Scorpio
Element – Earth
Time – Sunrise
Day – Tuesday
Metal – Gold, Copper and Asht Dhatu

Finger to wear on - Ring Finger (Right Hand)

Emerald / Panna  

Emerald is an attractive gemstone of bright green color that belongs to the family of beryl gems. It is very rare. It is a very difficult task to find a flawless emerald. Most emeralds (pannas) are faulty, having a feather - like crack and inclusions. To find an emerald that is of rich green color, perfectly transparent, with a velvety reflection and high specific gravity is difficult. Emerald is very effective in increasing intelligence and brain power. It enhances the element of brain such as memory, communication, intuition, intellect and the ability to learn. It also helps couples and enhances conjugal happiness. It ensures for safe and painless pregnancy of women.

General Properties of Emerald (Panna)

Ruling Planet – Mercury
Cosmic Color – Green
Zodiac – Gemini, Virgo
Element – Earth
Time – Sunrise
Day – Wednesday

Metal - Gold / Asht Dhaatu


Finger to wear on - Little Finger (Right Hand)

Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj  

Yellow Sapphire is a gemstone from corundum family. It is a twin of blue sapphire (Neelam) and Ruby (Manik). It is generally found in golden, yellow or orange colors. There is also a colorless variety available, called White Sapphire. The best Pukhraj is in lemon yellow color. It is signs of happiness, wealth, prosperity, success, honor, good children, wisdom and longevity. It is very effective for people of Sagittarius and Pisces signs. It protects the wearer's from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers and diseases. It brings a miraculous and lucrative result in a business. It also helps to prevent many diseases.

General Properties of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Ruling Planet – Jupiter
Cosmic Color – Bright Yellow
Zodiac – Sagittarius, Pisces
Element – Ether
Time – Sunrise
Day – Thursday
Metal – Gold/Asht Dhatu (Metal )

Finger to wear on - Index Finger (Male Right Hand & Female Left Hand)

Diamond / Heera  

Diamond is a precious gemstone. It is the most attractive gemstone to the eyes and famous for its play of colors. With its glittering luster in the light, the gemstone never fails to lure anyone. In Indian astrology the Heera has great importance. According to ancient Hindu scriptures there are eight types of diamonds (heera); Vasanti, Vajraneel, Vanaspati, Hanspati, Kamlapati, Telia, Sanloyi and Sbyamvajra. It is highly effective for men and women of Taurus and Libra Signs. Flawless diamond brings happiness, prosperity and comfort in life of the wearer's. It brings marital happiness, mental & physical purity, patience, fearlessness and artistic creativity in lives of the wearers. It also enhances the life span of the wearer.


General Properties of Heera (Diamond)


Ruling Planet: Venus

Cosmic Color: Transparent

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

Element: Water

Time: Sunrise

Day: Friday

Metal - Gold Finger to wear on - Ring Finger (Right Hand)

Blue Sapphire / Neelam  

Blue Sapphire also called Neelam is a gemstone from corundum family. Ruby and White Sapphire is found sometimes in the same mine. Blue Sapphire is hardest among all kinds of gemstone from corundum family such as ruby, white sapphire and yellow sapphire. Signs of Neelam are wisdom, discipline, longevity, spiritual achievement, dedication, leadership, integrity, perfection and high human quality. It helps the wearer's to remove poverty and bring health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, name and fame. It also re-stores lost wealth and health. It is also highly effective in removing bad effects of Saturn. It also helps to prevent many diseases. It is effective to improve fertility in a barren woman.

General Properties of Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Ruling Planet – Saturn
Cosmic Color – Violet
Zodiac – Capricorn
Element – Air
Time – Sunrise
Day – Saturday

Metal - Gold

Finger to wear on - Middle Finger (Right Hand)

Hessonite / Gomed  

Hessonite (Gomed) is a gemstone of Rahu. It reflects a nice honey color. It is found in red color in clinging to orange. Signs of well-placed Gomed are power, fame, money, political success, etc. It also helps to prevent many diseases like cancer, fears, poisons, phobia, etc caused by evil effects of Rahu and Saturn. It also increase appetite, vitality, confers good health, wealth, happiness and all sound prosperity.

General Properties of Gomed (Hessonite)

Ruling Planet – Rahu
Cosmic Color – Ultraviolet
Zodiac – Aquarius
Element – Ether
Time – Sunrise
Day – Saturday

Metal - Gold/Asht Dhaatu

Finger to wear on- Middle Finger (Right Hand)

Golden Topaz  

Golden Topaz is an important and effective gemstone which helps one in many ways of life. It helps become more aware, happier, more creative, and improve one’s concentration. It increases one’s intelligence. It also helps one to have better clarity of mind. It also improves prosperity and relief from depression. It also help one avoid misfortune. It gives the wearer good health, wisdom, longevity, name, honors and fame. It is also very effective for couples. It helps couple remain loyal to one another. It also helps to prevent many diseases. It is also effective to control anger and also turning one’s energies positively.

General Properties of Golden Topaz

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Cosmic Colour - Bright Yellow
Zodiac – Sagittarius, Pisces
Time – Sunrise
Day – Thursday

Elements - 

Metal - Gold/Asht Dhaatu
Finger to wear on – Index Finger (right hand)



Amethyst / Katehla  

Amethyst is a violet / purple variety of quartz frequently used in jewels. It has a spiritual quality and can be used to help individuals tap into higher levels of awareness. It also serves as a link between physical and spiritual frequencies. It creates an opportunity for enlightenment. It also helps people realize their real purpose of life. It is also an effective remedy for many diseases. In a nutshell, amethyst is known for healing and magical properties.


General Properties of Amethyst


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Zodiac: Aquarius

Time- Sunrise
Day – Saturday
Element – Air
Cosmic Color – Blue

Metal - Gold/Asht Dhaatu

Finger to wear on- Middle Finger (Right Hand)

Zircon / American Diamond  

Zircon is a gemstone akin to diamond (heera). It shines more than diamond. It is widely used in astrology as a substitute for heera (diamond). It enhances the beauty and prettiness of a person. It is also used as an excellent ring stone and widely used in jewelry. It also enhances social popularity of a person. It gives a luxurious life style to the wearer. It protects a person from jealousy and rivalry. The zircon birth stone is very helpful for romance and love life. It comes in various colors, including colorless, yellow, red, brown, green, blue, orange, etc. 

General Properties of Zircon

Ruling Planet – Venus

Cosmic Color -Transparent 
Zodiac – Taurus, Libra

Time- Sunrise
Day – Friday
Metal – Silver / Gold

Elements - Water

Finger to wear on – Ring Finger / Middle Finger

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