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Success of every work depends on its beginning time, It means this beginning time most important. Selection of good period and auspicious time for the beginning of any kind of good work is called MUHURAT. As per the Hindu Astrology, muhurat is an auspicious time selected for starting or performing an important event/action in life.

Muhurat Services

Puja Religious Functions, Signing work contracts, Partnership deeds, Business Inauguration, Marriage, Ring ceremony, Starting Construction work, Greh Pravesh (Entry in New house), Mundan ceremony/ Dastar Bandi, School Admission, Namkaran (Naming ceremony), Murti Sthapna, New Vehicle Purchase, Operation /Sugery time, Traveling/ Abroad Trip, Purchasing Land / Shop / House, Selling Land / Shop / House, Court Case, Oath Taking


Service Code: RSMUH 

 Service Price:  $ 11.36 



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