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Prashna Kundli


If we try to understand Prashna Kundali in simple words then it is just the map of transiting planets at that instance of time. Suddenly a wish is born in the mind, what will be future of this thought. Will it be completed or not? To solve any such problem, Prashna Kundali is used. When a curiosity is awaken in a person’s mind, the Kundali prepared at that moment is called Prashna Kundali. It is also called Karya Sidhi. In our daily life, many events occur which can not be predicted through the horoscope. Like, if a meeting is fixed with someone then will this event take place or not. Such a query can be solved through Prashna Kundali. Even we can know which team shall win the match today by Prashna Kundali.


More over you can have your Horoscope if you don't have your exact birth date and time.

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